Wild Horse Canyon Moss, Ozark Mountains

I took a walk this morning around Indian Falls in the Wild Horse Canyon hiking area in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. There was a lot of fog in various places as I drove down here, but this area was already cleared off, for the most part.

I wanted to take a few photos of the huge areas of Reindeer Moss growing along this canyon. I did that, but I couldn't stop shooting! It was a beautiful morning to be in the woods, and I couldn't walk away.

The spider webs were glowing in the morning light, covered in dew. The light was mostly soft and diffused until the sun burned away the clouds.

The rain we had over the last two days is really making the moss pop. We've been very dry, and I was worried there might be long-term damage to the many varieties of moss we enjoy here. My fears were unfounded.

I hope you enjoy the gallery. Please leave a comment if you do!

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