Live Reindeer Moss, 1 Quart Bag, For Terrariums, Crafts, Model Train Layouts


1 Quart Bag of Ozark Mountain Live Reindeer Moss (Lichen) harvested, cleaned, packaged and shipped to order.


1 Quart Bag of Ozark Mountain Live Reindeer Moss (Lichen) harvested, cleaned, packaged and shipped to order.

This is organically grown moss. It's very fresh and springy. I harvest the moss to order to make sure it's very fresh for you. Each piece of Reindeer Moss is hand-cleaned, washed and packaged. Since it is naturally grown, there will still be pieces of dirt or leaves. The bottom of the moss will have soil left intact so you can transplant it easily. The moss will be moist, not wet.

The color of the moss will vary slightly, from grey-green to light-green. The color shown in any photos may not be entirely accurate due to monitor/screen differences, and the way the specific camera I may have used processes images. If you want deep greens or other colors, purchase Preserved and Dyed Reindeer Moss, not live.

Reindeer Moss can be used for all kinds of arts and crafts, terrariums, model train layouts, and even wall art. Who knew? It's easy to place preserved moss into a frame and hang it up. It only takes a frame, a backing board of some kind, and some basic glue. With Live Moss, you can preserve and color your reindeer moss as you desire.

Note: This item is LIVE Reindeer Moss, not preserved! If you use live moss for wall art, or other art, it will dry out quickly. You probably don't want to mist it with water every day, do you? Consider using Preserved  Moss for wall art or static displays.

Live moss is excellent for topping plant containers to hide the dirt, or for live terrariums and other enclosed displays. Be sure to keep it moist, though not “wet”, by misting with rain water, or tap water left out for at least 12 hours. Mist it a few times a week as necessary. Mold is the enemy!

To get good water easily, fill an empty gallon milk jug with tap water and leave it open for at least 12 hours.

For outdoor use, prepare your ground by removing any competition to growth. Clear the soil of sticks, rocks, leaf mold and other plants. Pack it down firmly – get out there and stomp it down! Soak the ground with rain water (if possible), and press the reindeer moss down firmly. It will reattach to the soil and continue growing (slowly).

Reindeer moss needs dappled shade. It won't do well in direct sunlight or total shade. Indirect light is fine.

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Live Reindeer Moss, Quart Bag
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