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Air Plant Maintenance

Maintaining your air plants is very easy when you remember the basics. All air plants depend on three things: air temperature, light, and moisture. Following are general guidelines for keeping your air plants healthy and thriving. Light For Air Plants Air plants need...

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How To Preserve Reindeer Moss

It's easy to preserve reindeer moss. There are basically two ways to do it, and all my research says the outcomes are the same. One uses cold water, and is slightly faster, though more expensive. The other uses hot water, is slightly slower, and costs less. First,...

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Preserved Reindeer Moss

Uses For Preserved Reindeer Moss Preserved Reindeer Moss means that the water content is removed from the lichen, and it is  replaced with Glycerin. This keeps it looking and feeling fresh. Here is an article about the practice of preserving reindeer moss. Preserved...

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Live Reindeer Moss

Live Reindeer Moss Live Reindeer Moss (a lichen) is widely used for decorative arts and crafts, to add foliage to terrariums and model layouts, to cover soil in potted plants, and to spice up fairy gardens. Reindeer Moss generally comes in two forms: Live and...

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